Mamoot Base Camp - WIP 2011 10 24

projects start in 6-2011 

until 10 - 2011

still Work in progress .... need some feedback

Repair anything else

 In this image , I dream a story about an man in unreal world , after long journey in life he goes to mystic place to repair his old-heart .
Painting with Adobe Photoshop + some reference from CGtexture.


In research of Rembrant lighting in Academy of Art catalogue .

Concept Spaceship - Shark Class

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I did some illustration for New Year Eve . 
The process :
 - Get inspiration from Andren Lucassen 's progressive band Star One - Victim of the modern age .
- Make a sketch of spaceship in mind , quick sketch in sketchbook and organize chaos to get form of spaceship .
- Make some Black and White Silhoutte Sketch . Using Transform ( Cmd - T ) to morph the form . 
- Get color harmony from Nature Reference .
- Get Lighting then apply it onto form of spaceship .